Birthday Freebie and discounts

Are you celebrating your birthday this month?  I have celebrated mine last month and in my efforts to look for birthday deals I checked the web and found the usual joints like Vikings, Dads, Yakimix and the like.  Last month I found a new restaurant and a few other joints that offer Birthday promos so I’m sharing it to you.

  1. Facial Plus – I tried their facial treatment once and was included in their database.  I was surprised when they sent me a message and advised that as a birthday gift they will be giving me a free diamond peel or a back massage so of course I chose diamond peel.  Hehe.  You can check out for details of their branches.


2.  Ramen Nagi – While eating with friends the server asked if anybody is celebrating a birthday and was advised that there is a free ramen as their gift.  Just make sure you have 1 companion who will also order the Butao King.  Happiness! Check out

3.  Lay Bare – Have you tried waxing?  It was my first time to try them because of their birthday promo! They have a 15% off discount and a free eyebrow threading.  Their site is

4.  Priority Privilege – I wrote about hotel memberships before and one of the perks is you get a complimentary cake during your birth month.  This year I got mine at Crowne Plaza Hotel.  It’s a 7×7 inch chocolate cake.

5. The Alley by Vikings – Since this is also from Vikings their birthday promo mechanics is also the same.  What is different from this branch is that their food is more on the small portion or should I say controlled portion.  Like pica pica you can eat a little of everything from different stations.  I also liked that they have kid friendly bowls, plates and utensils for the little ones.  Their website  should give you more information.

There you go 5 additional birthday deals for your special day.  Just don’t forget to bring any valid government issued IDs with your birth date in it just to prove that you are celebrating your birthday!  I hope this will make you look forward to adding another year to your age.  Hahaha.  I know I do.  As they say age is just a number so don’t bother.  Do you know any other birthday deals?  Care to share?

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TuanTuan Til You Drop Promo 2018

I’m always excited to try new restaurants or new food especially if there are discounts/promos!  So this time hubby told me about this ongoing promo at Tuan Tuan Chinese Brasserie  

Promo is called Tuan Tuan til you drop which started last Jul2 and ends 31Jul.  Too bad we just found out about it this week but never the less we were able to try it and it was a great eat!


Upon arrival at the restaurant we were handed the menu and this special promo menu.  Of course we have decided to try their unli promo already so we didn’t bother looking at the menu.


Based from the flyer and menu it’s only Php498 but taxes/service charge are not yet included so in total each person will have to pay Php543.  So how does it go?  You first choose from the single order selection… either Macanese style dishes, Ala Carte, Signature Curry, Rice & Noodles or Create your own noodle soup.  I chose Laksa Soup while hubby got the Sweet and sour balsamic spareribs.  Then you can now choose from the unlimited order section.  Siomai is served per order which is 4 pcs per container while Snow buns are served per piece.

While waiting for our order I snapped a few photos of their floor which I love, the interior as well as their paper place mats.

We were first served the siomai and the Barbeque Pork Snow Buns which we immediately ordered 3 pcs.

Then came our single orders the Laksa and Spareribs.

Then the Crispy Beancurd sheet rolls with fresh shrimps and chives.


For dessert I ordered 1 pc of the salted egg custard snow buns.  Looking at my photos right now I realized that we didn’t order that much!  In total we only had 2 orders of siomai, the single orders, 6 pcs of buns (5 pork bbq+1 salted egg) and the beancurd. I don’t think that was a lot but we felt really full.  Being the deal lover that I am I had to make a computation if what we ate is more than what we paid for so based on their menu our bill should’ve been … Php1,486 plus tax around Php1619.74

Malay Laksa Noodle  Php398

Sweet & Sour Balsamic Spareribs  Php328

Siomai Php148 x 2 = Php296

Crispy Beancurd Php168

Snow Buns  (1 order 3 pcs each) Php148 x 2 = Php296

With that computation written down at least I am at peace. Hahaha.  Food is yummy especially the snow buns.  Service at UP Town branch is also great.  Hopefully we could go back again before the deal ends.  How about you have you tried this restaurant?

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What to buy in S&R?

2 years ago my husband signed up for S&R membership and we just went there once for the entire year!  Hahaha.  We weren’t able to maximize it because of the location, lack of time, etc etc.  Anyway early this year we found out that there will be a new store which is very near our place so we decided to sign up again.  We paid Php800 for the membership fee and got some coupons together with a Php200 gift certificate!  Not bad right?


I’ve heard and read so much about their sale but I just tried it once.  So this time we decided to visit the store on its 2nd day of opening and here’s what we got.  The first few pictures were bought using the coupons which are all buy 1 take 1.  Fuji apple Php160, Budweiser costs Php374 for 6 bottles, Hospitality corn flakes for Php300 a box, Apple pie which is the white box Php350 at the back of the round cake which is Php290 each, Choco chip loaf Php170, marshmallows Php100, muffins Php270, Pepero Php300 and Huggies wipes Php153.  Since I used the coupons I just paid for 1!

I really enjoyed the B1T1 deals using the coupons because I later on found out that coupons are normally given to first 500 sign-ups on a new store.  We signed up even before the store was built!  Hehehe.  Anyway it was great getting all these stuff by two’s!  A lady asked me while I was getting some apples is it on B1T1?  I told her that only if you have coupons which she doesn’t have.  Hehehe.

There are still some items that are on SALE / Buy 1 Take 1 which doesn’t require coupons.  These are the following :

Emoji butter cookies Php300, Hiland Icecream Pint Php200, Kellogg’s Froot Loops Php180, Pillowcase Php200, Salmon burgers Php400, Bedsheets Php2,500 and Tiffin or 2 layer lunch box Php400.

I also bought some items which I think are lower in price or not in the “usual” groceries. Del Monte Four Seasons juice packed in 3s Php177, Feather down pillows Php1000 and Taro stick 1 pack which has 4 small packs inside is Php80.

There you go.  Just like in any other grocery/supermarket some items are priced higher and some are priced lower.  You just have to know which ones you’re going to get and at which store.  For me I still go to several groceries but knowing that I have another option which is near our place is great.  Hehe.  I just looove going to groceries.  Have you been to S&R lately?  What items did you score?

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Landers Super Crazy Sale 2017

I’ve heard about Landers Superstore since they opened their doors but never really got a chance to sign up for membership.  They offered a 20% off on membership before and I missed it!  So now that they are celebrating their 1st anniversary I asked my hubby if we could go and we did!  It was last minute but its better late than never right?  They have a buy 1 take 1 on membership so that’s Php800 for 2 people already!  Normal membership rate is Php800 for 1 person and Php400 for the extension card.  B1T1 on membership is valid until the end of July.  A member can bring in a maximum of 5 adults inside.  So you can definitely bring the whole family or your friends.

Signing up is a breeze.  They have the forms by the membership area so you just fill it up together with a valid id, wait for your name to be called, they will take your photo, wait again and pay the membership fee then you are off to shopping!!  I was so excited that I wasn’t able to take pictures inside.  Hahaha.

landerscardThe Golden Card!

These are some of the goodies that I got.

landers2B1T1 Thomas & Friends Cookies Php199.75

landers4B1T1 Dough and Co. Apple Crumble Php249.75

landers5B1T1 Coloring Books Php99.75

landers12B1T1 Hersheys Kisses Deluxe Php135

landers22B1T1 Babelle Wipes Php129.75

landers15B1T1 Gavottes Crepes Php144.75

landers14B1T1 Colgate toothpaste Php99.75

landers13B1T1 Glico Black Sesame Cracker Php50

landers24B1T1 Coffee Bean Sparkling Iced Tea Php50

Some items are discounted and well I can’t find them in our “usual” grocery so I had to grab them.

landers6Dulce de Leche cake Php99.75

landers7Frozen Cauliflower and Broccoli Php119.75

landers8Milkfish Loins Php149.75

landers9Alaskan Salmon Php80-90 depending on the weight

landers10Honest Kids Organic Juice Drink Php184.75 (10pcs)

landers11Minced Garlic Php99.75

landers16Parsley Php79.75   Chives Php54.75

Lemon Juice Php79.75 , EVOO Php199.75, Huggies Swim Diaper Php169.75

After shopping of course we had to eat there and guess what?!  We also ordered buy 1 take 1 meals! Great right?


We ordered the lobster bisque soup at Php99.75  and the pasta marinara with half meatballs for Php149.75.  Drinks are refillable and food is served in ready to go containers.

All in all I was very happy with our 1st ever Landers experience!  Considering it was the last day of their sale it wasn’t really crowded when we got there.  There were also a lot of counters so check-out was fast.  Since the membership is good for one year hopefully we could score some more good stuff within the year.  It was a bit far from where we live but it was worth it.  How about you have you been to Landers?  How was your experience?  For more info you can check out their website’s FAQ  Enjoy!

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Hitting two birds with one stone … Hotel H2O staycation & Manila Ocean Park visit

Ever since Hotel H2O opened its doors I have always wanted to stay in their hotel knowing that it’s the first here in the Philippines.  I always check for deals and promos but the rates never seem to fit my budget.  So last Feb during the Travel Tour Expo I saw their booth and they have a special offer for the expo.


Park view room for only Php3,000.  Room rate only without breakfast but upgradable to Aqua room!  Booking period was of course during the Travel Expo only but actual stay can be until end of June.  We immediately booked a room!  I also got a room for my sister which she used 2 weeks ahead of me.  She also bought some Metrodeal vouchers for Manila Ocean Park so we decided to use both vouchers at the same time.  Hehe.

We scheduled our trip last weekend and decided it’s best that we go there early.  The Park opens at 9am during weekends while the hotel check-in time is usually 2pm so we can definitely use the time to roam around the park.  We arrived there around 10:30 am and found the in-house hotel parking space right beside the hotel.  It wasn’t enough but the whole compound where both establishments are located has a big parking space.  The only challenge is if the hotel parking space is already full you will have to park somewhere else which is a bit far from the entrance and might be a little challenging especially if you have kids and luggages in tow.

Concierge is located on the lower ground floor where you can drop off your luggages.  Reception or Front desk is located at the 3rd floor.  Since we knew we cannot check in yet we decided to go to Manila Ocean first and get our tickets.  There are 3 areas where you can get your wrist tag tickets… walk-in, online purchase and packages.  You just have to make sure to open your eyes and go to the correct area as there can be a lot of people on queue.

I guess the wrist tags’ color depends on the manner where you got it as well as the price.  Hehe. We got a white one and this piece of paper with our scheduled show time.  I guess they do this for crowd control purposes.


So the first show was the sea lion.  The area is located near the ticket booth, this is where all the shows are held. It’s an open area theatre like venue.

h2o25IMG_6043h2o24The show finished after maybe 15 to 20 mins.  They offered a photo encounter for Php400 which I think is a reasonable price for a souvenir.  It was almost lunch time so we looked for a place to eat.  Some stand alone restaurants that I remember are North Park, Gerry’s Grill, Makan Makan and Wok by the Bay.  You can also eat in the food court with kiosks like Wendy’s, Fruitas, Henlin, Potato Corner, Pao Tsin and others. There are also some shops within the building.

After lunch we tried our luck and went to 3rd floor to check-in.  Our room was pre-paid so we were just asked to pay for Php2,000 incidental fee refundable upon check-out.  We were lucky enough that a room is already available so we immediately went to the room to take a peek.


There’s also a safety deposit box inside the cabinet just in case you need to put your valuables inside.  :o)  What I looove about the room are the aquarium and the complimentary goodies!

The aquarium automatically turns off at 9pm and turns on at 6am. Cool right? Hehe.  Although the fishes doesn’t really stay in the room you can still see them pass by every now and then.  Don’t expect much so you won’t get disappointed but for sure you will see some fishes.  :o) It’s a relaxing sight.


When we came in to the room the staff who assisted us told us that everything on the tray is complimentary! Huwatttt?  Hehe.  I’ve stayed in several hotels and most often than not the freebies are water, tea, fruits or coffee only right?  If you look at the picture below they have 2 water, 2 sodas, a chocolate chip and a pack of peanuts. Happiness!  How about you have you stayed in any other hotel that gives so much?

After a few minutes we went back to the park for the next show.  So what else did we experience?

The All star bird show featured cockatoo, parrot, lawin and an eagle.  They all showed their special skills and after the show there is of course a photo op.  This costs Php200 and you can also use your own camera. Next stop we went to the Birds of Prey located near the entrance.  It’s a big open area with nets as roof so it was really hot when we got there.  If you are feeling brave like the lady on the 3rd photo you can stand on the designated area where you can put on the gloves while the staff puts bird food on the glove and in a few seconds the bird will snatch it. Hehe.  You can record it using a slow motion feature of your phone/camera.  The bird is so fast you might miss it if you blink.  In the photo the bird is already up there… meaning I took the photo too slow.  Hahaha. The best part is it’s FREE.

What else?  We went to almost all of the attraction except for the Penguin Talkshow and the  Symphony Evening show because we had to leave for another event.  My sister told me that the Symphony show is similar to Sentosa’s Light and sound show.  Too bad we missed it.  As for the Penguin Talkshow well let’s just say that my sister said it was the “best” of all the shows.  She was being sarcastic about it.  Haha.

Here are some other photos.

These were taken at the Oceanarium, Jellies Show and in Yexel’s Museum.  In most of the exhibits there are signs that says NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY but guess what?  Most of the people still use flash!  OMG!  Either they don’t know how to read or they simply don’t care.  It was really irritating because you try to enjoy the exhibit then a blinding flash suddenly brightens up the whole room! I hope there will be someone inside to remind these people  what to do.

The next day we took a dip at the pool.  It was a bit dark and a little cold but it was great. One thing though the pool is located near the shark and ray encounter area which is outside the hotel building.

I guess that’s it.  All in all our experience was great.  We enjoyed our visit at the park as well as our stay in the hotel.  If you are looking for a place for kids and kids at heart, this is a must try. And ohh before I forget food and drinks are not allowed in certain areas which is good but hopefully people will be more mindful of where they put their trash.  Have you been here as well?  How was your experience?  Care to share?

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Hotel Memberships

Long before I became a mom I have always been on a look-out for savings.  So when I was working in the travel industry I stumbled upon hotel memberships.  My very first hotel membership was with Priority Privilege which has discount vouchers for Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and Intercontinental Hotel. I enjoyed my first membership card which obviously led me to enroll in other hotel memberships depending on the cost of the membership of course.  Hehe.  So here are some of the hotel memberships that I’ve tried and currently using.

Note : All memberships are valid for 1 year.

Let’s start off with the farthest…

Widus Hotel – W Card

Location :  Clark, Pampanga

Website :

Rate : Php7,500 (*Got mine about 3 years ago)

What I like :  Free 1 Family room and 1 Executive Room, Free cake on your birthday, swimming pool pass and 20% discount on all your hotel purchases.

I got my W Card when one of my friends suggested that we go on a road trip with our families and stay in a hotel.  They suggested Widus Hotel which was the 1st time that I’ve heard of it.  I searched on the internet and found out that room rate starts at Php7,000!  I immediately told my friend that there is no way I am spending 7k for a 1 night stay!  Hahaha.  She then told me that they have a hotel membership!  A ha!  So I called the hotel and asked about their hotel membership.  The front desk lady was kind enough to explain to me the benefits and she later on sent me an email.  Needless to say we all bought our membership because it was a great deal.  Imagine you pay Php7,500 which is already good for 2 rooms valid for 1 whole year plus you get a booklet of vouchers! Hehehe.  What’s also great is if you decide to get the membership you can avail of the free room during your 1st stay.

Update :  As of 2016 only 1 free executive room plus the usual vouchers.  Currently I am no longer enrolled to this.

Shangri-La Hotel – Club Gourmet

Location : Makati

Website :

Rate : Php8,000 (*can’t remember exactly how much as it was 4 years ago)

What I like :  Discounted room rates.  Free buffet. It was very near where I used to work.

We used up the free buffet.  We also got a special rate of Php6,000 for the room.  What I really loved was their service!  Upon check-in they immediately ask if you are celebrating any special occasion which so far in other hotels that I’ve stayed in weren’t really particular about.  They take their customer profile seriously.  We stayed there during our anniversary and when we came back to the room from dinner we found a note with a small cake and a bottle of wine courtesy of the hotel!  It was really sweet.  I guess they aren’t Shangri-La for nothing right?

Update :  I am no longer a member of this as the rates are a bit high plus I don’t really stay in Makati that often.

Dusit Hotel – Wine & Dine

Location : Makati

Website :

Rate : Php8,000

What I like :  Free room and free buffet

The agent keeps on calling me and decided that since I haven’t tried their service yet now will be a great time.  I signed up this year and when I got my pack well I was kind of disappointed.  Why?  All their vouchers have a minimum amount before I could use the voucher.   Example is the free cake which will only be given if you dine at any of their restaurants for a minimum amount of Php4,000.  Free pool access if not checked-in if you consume a minimum of Php600 at their pool restaurant.  Cash voucher provided you spend at least Php4,000 in a particular hotel and so many restricted clause.  Hahaha.  Bottomline is I only got around 4 vouchers that I could actually use!  It’s like I paid for the membership just for the free room only.  Not what I was hoping for.  So the verdict?  Not to get it in the future.

Update : We will only be availing the free room this year so will definitely update on their service.  I gave my opinion to the agent and told her that she is selling false information and will no longer get it next year.

Marco Polo Hotel – MPM Dining Privileges

Location : Ortigas

Website :

Rate : Php9,400

What I like :  Free room, free buffet, Cash vouchers, Club Hotel which you can use in other hotel chains and in other countries

This is my 2nd year with Marco Polo and what I really love about their hotel is their heated indoor pool!  Although the vouchers are all non-transferrable you can definitely get more with what you paid for. Cash vouchers amounting to Php2,500 and other freebies.  What I also like about this hotel is they have small coffee machines inside the room.  I’m not a coffee drinker but I definitely loved it.  They also have a voucher for a special rate of Php4,000 nett on your next visit.  If you are looking at future staycations and you live near Ortigas area this is a great deal as you can really maximize the usage.  Highly recommended.

Holiday Inn / Crowne Plaza Hotel – Priority Privilege

Location : Ortigas

Website :

Rate :  Php9,000

What I like :  Membership is applicable to 2 hotels already and all vouchers are transferrable!  No free rooms but with free buffet and a lot of cash vouchers.  Club Hotel card which is applicable for other hotels and in other countries.

This was my first membership card ever!  Hehe.  I got into this when we did an ocular visit for our wedding.  The lady who assisted us told us about the membership.  Membership then was just Php6000?  During our wedding we booked for 2 rooms and 2 nights and got the membership instead so we could save!  It was one good decision which we are thankful for the front desk lady.  :o)  Included in the membership before was the Intercontinental hotel and since I used to work in Makati I totally maximized my 1 year subscription because I go there after office for swimming at no additional cost!  Now that they only have 2 hotels under the membership package it still works for me because 1.)  Location location location as it has a direct link to Robinsons Galleria and other nearby malls 2.)  All the vouchers are TRANSFERRABLE!  I can totally share my vouchers to family and friends.  I totally recommend this membership if you are a hotel lover like me. Hahaha.

Update :  They now have a package with free rooms.  Also Holiday Inn Makati has a separate membership so if you live near Makati you can probably check it out.


All in all hotel memberships are really a great thing especially if you enjoy staycations or just relaxing.  Sure the price seems high but if you really intend to stay in a hotel within a year then I think this is a better way to go.  Think of it as pre-paid vacation.  Needless to say I so looove hotel memberships as long as you get what you paid for.  For more information please call the hotels using the links above.  Good luck!  How about you?  Do you have hotel memberships as well?  Do tell!


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Easy Merienda : Banana Cake

When I was still in the corporate world I seldom take breaks because of too much email/work but now that I stay home with the kids merienda time is one of the things that I need to prepare for.  So having Maya Oven Toaster Banana Cake mix is a lifesaver.  Hehe.  The pack says you can cook it using a toaster but I have also tried using a rice cooker for this.  Either way it tasted good.


So how do you go about this?  Just follow the simple steps at the back of the box and you’re good to go.  That’s how easy it is.  Haha. In my case once the cake is done I added some butter and sugar on top.  Yummy!  Good thing the kids loved it.


Have you tried this product as well?  How did it turn out?

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