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Cake Studio, Rolex St., Fairview

I have been searching for affordable cakes initially for my son’s monthly birthday however with all the birthdays within the family I feel that I have to continue my search and try other bakeshops. For me to consider that bakeshop I have a few requirements :

1. It should be a “new” bakeshop/cake that I haven’t tried.

2. It offers delivery or pick-up place is convenient.

3. Cake price should not exceed Php500.

With all these in mind and with my sister’s birthday coming up I searched the internet and chanced upon Cake Studio located along Rolex St. in Fairview.  I contacted them and found out that they deliver cakes with a delivery fee of Php80 and their round cakes ranges from Php250 to Php800.  I ordered a 6″ round sansrival cake for Php550 and a day before the delivery date I received a message asking me if it’s okay if they will give me a 9″ round cake instead.  Of course my answer is a big YES!  What does the cake look like?

Cakestudio1                                                                                  Sansrival Cake Php550

cake2                                                                                  Cashew Nuts on the side

cake3                                                                                  Chewy and buttery inside

Since it’s not the usual cake I requested if it’s possible for them to add a dedication on the cake and they gladly customized it with edible beads.  The cake was not too sweet which makes you forget about the calories and have another serving.  :o)  They also offer other cakes such as Tres Leches, Strawberry Yogurt and Chocolate cake.  You can check out their facebook page at  They also serve savory items which hopefully we will also try next time.  Have you tried their savory treats?  How about the cakes?  Any recommendations?  Drop me a message.  :o)


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Saville Row, Ayala Fairview Terraces

Our weekends are now packed…doing errands, chores, meeting with friends, clients, taking care of the baby and all other stuff. The other stuff include last minute shopping for my husband who needs to attend to an event and he needs some proper attire.  So we decided to head on to Wellworth at Fairview Terraces and good thing there was an ongoing sale!


We directly went to the men’s section and checked out the polo from my husband’s usual brands and they are all a little expensive considering that they were supposed to be on sale.  So we went around and found a very eye catching sign!


A signage wellworth looking at!  The brand is Saville Row and they are offering a whopping 70% off on their polos.  I immediately checked the price tags and then picked some long sleeve polo and asked my husband to try it on.  Since it’s a new brand for him it took some time before he decided which ones to get… plus since it’s on sale sizes are broken already.


He has a budget per polo and since it was on sale he bought 3! He was so happy and so was I of course.  When we arrived home I removed the price tags and this is what I found.




It was originally priced at Php1,000 then dropped to Php900 then to Php500.  Good thing my eyes are still clear and I was able to see this brand…well actually I noticed the 70% off signage first!  Hehe.  I believe their sale will last until end of the month?  You still have a few days to go maybe you could still steal some wonderful deals at the Fairview Terraces.  Have fun shopping!


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IHOP, UP Town Center

We have all heard when IHOP opened it’s doors to the Filipinos right?  Let’s just say that we are one of those people who waits until the chaos has died down before we try a restaurant.  Hehe.  I have been wanting to try this restaurant but couldn’t find the reason to eat there.  So what changed?  First I spotted a deal at Ensogo and second we had to get a cake at the UP Town Center (which is also on a deal by the way).  Makes perfect sense.

Ihop menu                                                                                                    IHOP Menu

A few days before the trip I had to make sure I check out their menu to help me decide on what to order and just to make sure that we won’t be splurging too much.  The voucher is Php350 but you get Php500 worth of food.  Just to make sure we have enough I bought 2 vouchers.

Screen shot 2015-07-23 at 3.02.18 PM

Screen shot 2015-07-23 at 3.03.29 PM

Print the vouchers…check! Head on to the chosen restaurant and show the server the voucher and order away!  While waiting for our orders I took a photo of the syrup on the table.  They have four!  Old fashioned, strawberry, blueberry and butter pecan.

ihop3                                                                                        4 choices of syrup

We ordered the following :

ihop2                                                                       New York Cheese Pancake Php254.46

The pancakes were fluffy and you can really taste the cream cheese.  I’m not a fan of pancakes but I liked this one.  You can definitely tell that this is not homemade pancake.

ihop4                                                                           Double BLT Sandwich Php343.75

This sandwich is a little normal for me.  Don’t get me wrong it tastes good but not really spectacular.
ihop5                                                                            Spicy Chicken Strips Php352.68

When I saw this in the menu I assumed that it is going to be spicy but when it was served on our table it tasted “normal”.  No sting no sweetness just plain chicken strips.  We called the server and asked if it was our order and he confirmed that it is the “spicy” chicken strips.  I had to laugh and asked the server to tell the chef that it wasn’t spicy. Not even a hint of it.  So they got it and after a few minutes they returned with a real spicy chicken strips! Hehe.  I don’t know if it’s just me or if they forgot to put some chili or what.  So if you do order this one let me know how it taste like.  Also I would have love it more if they served celery stalks than carrots.  Sad to say I’m not a carrot person.

All in all our experience in IHOP has been enjoyable.  They have a variety of food to choose from so definitely a second visit is in order.  Maybe another order of pancake?  :o)

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Starting a new leaf

I have always loved writing. I cannot say that I’m really good at it but I do it for myself.  I want to document stuff.  Places I’ve been to, food that I’ve tasted, hotels that I’ve stayed in, deals that I have scored and other things.  I used to have my diary when I was young and now this is the high tech version…although everyone gets to read it! Hehe.  I just realized that my other site has been there since September 2010…now that site is like a mirage.  Sometimes you see it sometimes you don’t. Hopefully this page will be more stable than the other one and just maybe I could add more entries to this page.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

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