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Lung Hin, Marco Polo Hotel, Pasig City

One of my good friend came home from Australia and we decided to spend an all-day girls’ day-off at the Marco Polo Hotel in Pasig City.  We were already checked in but we haven’t eaten lunch yet so we went to their Chinese restaurant located at the 44th floor.  Although the hotel is near Robinsons Mall we were all too lazy to walk and found a few more other good reasons to stay within the hotel.

With eagerness to catch up on the story of our lives we ordered right away… almost.  Their menu is full of good stuff that we had a hard time deciding.  After a few minutes we settled with an appetizer, soup, main course and of course rice!  Before the food is served the waiters gave us some prawn crackers to nibble while waiting.

MarcoP1                                                        Lung Hin Restaurant

Lung Hin menu                                                            Their menu

Lung Hin2                                                            Scallop Dumpling Php214.29++

MarcoP3                                                              Pork Siomai Php196.43++

MarcoP5                                                             Garlic Spareribs Php196.43++

MarcoP2                                                                Soy Chicken Php696.43++

MarcoP4                                                               Crabmeat Fritter Php607.14++

I didn’t get to take pictures of the Yang Chow fried rice good for 4 pax at Php428.57, Corn Crab soup and Spinach Seafood soup each cup at Php339.29++ because we were already hungry.  So what can I say about the food?  Food is delicious but not all of them. Hehe.  Take for instance the soup for me it was expensive and taste like a “normal” crab and corn soup.  I understand that hotel restaurants are sometimes a bit pricier but Php300 for a cup of crab and corn soup doesn’t really justify it.  What I like  is the scallop dumpling and the crabmeat fritter.  Total amount spent was Php3617.57 because of the taxes.  What can I say… charge it to experience.  It’s not everyday you get to eat in a hotel and with an ambiance to match right?  Anyway food is best enjoyed with good company and that’s what we had! :o)

Have you tried their restaurant?  Which food can you recommend? Check out their menu here :



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