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CCME Homemade Food Stuff Carrot Cake

In my search for cakes below Php500 I remembered one of my “go to” delivery company which is CCME.  I don’t know if you have tried them yet but they have several items on their menu that are tasty and affordable for pot luck parties, office gatherings and other events.  I checked their website and found what I was looking for.  They also have cakes!  I usually order savory dishes so it was my first time to try their cake.  Since I love carrot cakes I decided to go for it.

ccmecake1                                                                         CCME Carrot Cake Php380

ccmecake2                                                                                  how it looks like inside

I knew I shouldn’t expect too much with a price like that but at least I gave it a try.  Hehe.  Let’s just say that this isn’t their specialty.  The icing is a bit thin which is sad.  It wasn’t also as sweet as it should be.  It tasted more of butter than cream cheese? The cake was a bit dense and a little hard to swallow.  But they did use some walnuts which is good.  They also charge for the delivery which depends on your location.

Anyway I should just say that in case you want to try CCME go for their “savory” food.  But I don’t give up easily and will probably try one more cake on their menu.  Hopefully when they say that is their specialty it would be for real and that it will taste better than the carrot cake.  :o)  You can check out their website at  Have you tried any of their dishes?  What do you like the most?

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Breastfeeding Station at SM Novaliches

Since I started my breastfeeding journey I have learned that some malls offer breastfeeding areas for moms like me.  So before I go to a mall I try to browse through the internet if that particular mall has a breastfeeding area.  Last Sunday I went to SM Novaliches for a meet-up and this is what I found.

sm4                                                                                      Located at the 2nd floor


So far this is the cutest breastfeeding area I’ve visited.  The room is at the farthest end because they share the area with a clinic.  Of course only the mom and the baby are allowed to go inside the room.  I also liked the design.  I’m sure the babies will love it as well.  What I also like about this area is they have a lavatory so you can also wash your hands or change diapers here.  I wish all the malls will have something similar.  This will definitely help breastfeeding moms and their babies to be comfortable during feeding time.  Very nice!  Happy nursing!

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USA Trip

USA Trip

I had the chance to travel to the US before I got married and I was too busy then to document any of it.  So I would like to share some of the highlights of that trip.  It was my longest plane ride ever and it was my first time in the US and I don’t have anybody with me.  When the plane landed I remember the words written in the visa application that “a visa doesn’t guarantee an entry to the USA” which of course gave me a little shiver.  Hehe.  I guess my face was that obvious that a customs guy called me for a spot check!  Good thing I didn’t bring anything unnecessary…but he did ask if I have balut or alamang in my bag! Hahaha.  I guess he had seen too many Filipinos already right?! After that short interrogation and opening of my bag I was out the door and I nearly wanted to kiss the ground! Hahaha.  Oh and I forgot to mention I got the plane tickets on sale!  I felt really blessed and lucky!  Of course I had to take a lot of pictures… with a little pocket money these are the best souvenir I can take home!

Picture LAX 601                                                                                 At the airport

Picture LAX 602                                                                       Dinner before going to my Uncle’s house

Picture LAX 622                                                                       SeaWorld to see Shamu

Picture LAX 633                                                                       Their ticket

Picture LAX 660                                                                                  Shamu!

Picture LAX 688                                                                                Real polar bears

Picture LAX 733                                                                              First time to see an apple tree

Picture LAX 743                                                                              Korean Resto for dinner

Picture LAX 749                                                                      Night out with my cousins…tried Sake.

Picture LAX 796                                                                        Universal Studios

Picture LAX 805                                                                          Ticket and map of Universal Studios

Picture LAX 884                                                                   Airplane wreck…looks real!

Picture LAX 916                                                                Alex and the penguin roaming around

Picture LAX 934                                                                     Burgers at Hollywood Grill

Picture LAX2 014                                                                        Jose Rizal and Jollibee at West Covina

During weekdays when my Uncle and cousins are at work I am left alone at home so one day I decided to walk around and this is what I found.

Picture LAX2 043                                                                            Lovely colored leaves

Picture LAX2 044                                                       This signage made me go back to the house! Hehehe.

Picture LAX2 053                                                                     Lunch at the famous In-n-out Burger

Picture LAX2 055                                                                                The menu says it all…

Picture LAX3 167                                                                   The happiest place on Earth!

Picture LAX4 012                                                                       Griffith Observatory

Picture LAX4 029                                                                                       The Observatory

Picture LAX4 102                                                                                               Meteorite?!

Picture LAX4 120                                                                               My weight on Jupiter!

Picture LAX4 201                                                                             Hollywood!

Picture LAX5 153                                                                               Chinese Restaurant for Lunch

Picture LAX5 156                                                                     Mang Max is also here!

Picture LAX5 179                                                                            went to a beach

Picture LAX5 199                                                                             Fishing enthusiasts by the pier

Picture LAX5 244                                                                                            Baywatch

20091120-lax6 017                                                                              P.F. Chang

ifly                                                                                    iFly experience

I think I have around 300-400 pictures of my LAX trip hehe obviously I documented everything…just in case I can’t go back anymore.  I know there are still more places to explore but due to time and budget constraints I had to make the most of what I have.  It was truly a blessing!  Have you been to LAX?  What have you tried and which places have you been to?

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