Hitting two birds with one stone … Hotel H2O staycation & Manila Ocean Park visit

02 Jun

Ever since Hotel H2O opened its doors I have always wanted to stay in their hotel knowing that it’s the first here in the Philippines.  I always check for deals and promos but the rates never seem to fit my budget.  So last Feb during the Travel Tour Expo I saw their booth and they have a special offer for the expo.


Park view room for only Php3,000.  Room rate only without breakfast but upgradable to Aqua room!  Booking period was of course during the Travel Expo only but actual stay can be until end of June.  We immediately booked a room!  I also got a room for my sister which she used 2 weeks ahead of me.  She also bought some Metrodeal vouchers for Manila Ocean Park so we decided to use both vouchers at the same time.  Hehe.

We scheduled our trip last weekend and decided it’s best that we go there early.  The Park opens at 9am during weekends while the hotel check-in time is usually 2pm so we can definitely use the time to roam around the park.  We arrived there around 10:30 am and found the in-house hotel parking space right beside the hotel.  It wasn’t enough but the whole compound where both establishments are located has a big parking space.  The only challenge is if the hotel parking space is already full you will have to park somewhere else which is a bit far from the entrance and might be a little challenging especially if you have kids and luggages in tow.

Concierge is located on the lower ground floor where you can drop off your luggages.  Reception or Front desk is located at the 3rd floor.  Since we knew we cannot check in yet we decided to go to Manila Ocean first and get our tickets.  There are 3 areas where you can get your wrist tag tickets… walk-in, online purchase and packages.  You just have to make sure to open your eyes and go to the correct area as there can be a lot of people on queue.

I guess the wrist tags’ color depends on the manner where you got it as well as the price.  Hehe. We got a white one and this piece of paper with our scheduled show time.  I guess they do this for crowd control purposes.


So the first show was the sea lion.  The area is located near the ticket booth, this is where all the shows are held. It’s an open area theatre like venue.

h2o25IMG_6043h2o24The show finished after maybe 15 to 20 mins.  They offered a photo encounter for Php400 which I think is a reasonable price for a souvenir.  It was almost lunch time so we looked for a place to eat.  Some stand alone restaurants that I remember are North Park, Gerry’s Grill, Makan Makan and Wok by the Bay.  You can also eat in the food court with kiosks like Wendy’s, Fruitas, Henlin, Potato Corner, Pao Tsin and others. There are also some shops within the building.

After lunch we tried our luck and went to 3rd floor to check-in.  Our room was pre-paid so we were just asked to pay for Php2,000 incidental fee refundable upon check-out.  We were lucky enough that a room is already available so we immediately went to the room to take a peek.


There’s also a safety deposit box inside the cabinet just in case you need to put your valuables inside.  :o)  What I looove about the room are the aquarium and the complimentary goodies!

The aquarium automatically turns off at 9pm and turns on at 6am. Cool right? Hehe.  Although the fishes doesn’t really stay in the room you can still see them pass by every now and then.  Don’t expect much so you won’t get disappointed but for sure you will see some fishes.  :o) It’s a relaxing sight.


When we came in to the room the staff who assisted us told us that everything on the tray is complimentary! Huwatttt?  Hehe.  I’ve stayed in several hotels and most often than not the freebies are water, tea, fruits or coffee only right?  If you look at the picture below they have 2 water, 2 sodas, a chocolate chip and a pack of peanuts. Happiness!  How about you have you stayed in any other hotel that gives so much?

After a few minutes we went back to the park for the next show.  So what else did we experience?

The All star bird show featured cockatoo, parrot, lawin and an eagle.  They all showed their special skills and after the show there is of course a photo op.  This costs Php200 and you can also use your own camera. Next stop we went to the Birds of Prey located near the entrance.  It’s a big open area with nets as roof so it was really hot when we got there.  If you are feeling brave like the lady on the 3rd photo you can stand on the designated area where you can put on the gloves while the staff puts bird food on the glove and in a few seconds the bird will snatch it. Hehe.  You can record it using a slow motion feature of your phone/camera.  The bird is so fast you might miss it if you blink.  In the photo the bird is already up there… meaning I took the photo too slow.  Hahaha. The best part is it’s FREE.

What else?  We went to almost all of the attraction except for the Penguin Talkshow and the  Symphony Evening show because we had to leave for another event.  My sister told me that the Symphony show is similar to Sentosa’s Light and sound show.  Too bad we missed it.  As for the Penguin Talkshow well let’s just say that my sister said it was the “best” of all the shows.  She was being sarcastic about it.  Haha.

Here are some other photos.

These were taken at the Oceanarium, Jellies Show and in Yexel’s Museum.  In most of the exhibits there are signs that says NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY but guess what?  Most of the people still use flash!  OMG!  Either they don’t know how to read or they simply don’t care.  It was really irritating because you try to enjoy the exhibit then a blinding flash suddenly brightens up the whole room! I hope there will be someone inside to remind these people  what to do.

The next day we took a dip at the pool.  It was a bit dark and a little cold but it was great. One thing though the pool is located near the shark and ray encounter area which is outside the hotel building.

I guess that’s it.  All in all our experience was great.  We enjoyed our visit at the park as well as our stay in the hotel.  If you are looking for a place for kids and kids at heart, this is a must try. And ohh before I forget food and drinks are not allowed in certain areas which is good but hopefully people will be more mindful of where they put their trash.  Have you been here as well?  How was your experience?  Care to share?

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