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Landers Super Crazy Sale 2017

I’ve heard about Landers Superstore since they opened their doors but never really got a chance to sign up for membership.  They offered a 20% off on membership before and I missed it!  So now that they are celebrating their 1st anniversary I asked my hubby if we could go and we did!  It was last minute but its better late than never right?  They have a buy 1 take 1 on membership so that’s Php800 for 2 people already!  Normal membership rate is Php800 for 1 person and Php400 for the extension card.  B1T1 on membership is valid until the end of July.  A member can bring in a maximum of 5 adults inside.  So you can definitely bring the whole family or your friends.

Signing up is a breeze.  They have the forms by the membership area so you just fill it up together with a valid id, wait for your name to be called, they will take your photo, wait again and pay the membership fee then you are off to shopping!!  I was so excited that I wasn’t able to take pictures inside.  Hahaha.

landerscardThe Golden Card!

These are some of the goodies that I got.

landers2B1T1 Thomas & Friends Cookies Php199.75

landers4B1T1 Dough and Co. Apple Crumble Php249.75

landers5B1T1 Coloring Books Php99.75

landers12B1T1 Hersheys Kisses Deluxe Php135

landers22B1T1 Babelle Wipes Php129.75

landers15B1T1 Gavottes Crepes Php144.75

landers14B1T1 Colgate toothpaste Php99.75

landers13B1T1 Glico Black Sesame Cracker Php50

landers24B1T1 Coffee Bean Sparkling Iced Tea Php50

Some items are discounted and well I can’t find them in our “usual” grocery so I had to grab them.

landers6Dulce de Leche cake Php99.75

landers7Frozen Cauliflower and Broccoli Php119.75

landers8Milkfish Loins Php149.75

landers9Alaskan Salmon Php80-90 depending on the weight

landers10Honest Kids Organic Juice Drink Php184.75 (10pcs)

landers11Minced Garlic Php99.75

landers16Parsley Php79.75   Chives Php54.75

Lemon Juice Php79.75 , EVOO Php199.75, Huggies Swim Diaper Php169.75

After shopping of course we had to eat there and guess what?!  We also ordered buy 1 take 1 meals! Great right?


We ordered the lobster bisque soup at Php99.75  and the pasta marinara with half meatballs for Php149.75.  Drinks are refillable and food is served in ready to go containers.

All in all I was very happy with our 1st ever Landers experience!  Considering it was the last day of their sale it wasn’t really crowded when we got there.  There were also a lot of counters so check-out was fast.  Since the membership is good for one year hopefully we could score some more good stuff within the year.  It was a bit far from where we live but it was worth it.  How about you have you been to Landers?  How was your experience?  For more info you can check out their website’s FAQ  Enjoy!

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Saville Row, Ayala Fairview Terraces

Our weekends are now packed…doing errands, chores, meeting with friends, clients, taking care of the baby and all other stuff. The other stuff include last minute shopping for my husband who needs to attend to an event and he needs some proper attire.  So we decided to head on to Wellworth at Fairview Terraces and good thing there was an ongoing sale!


We directly went to the men’s section and checked out the polo from my husband’s usual brands and they are all a little expensive considering that they were supposed to be on sale.  So we went around and found a very eye catching sign!


A signage wellworth looking at!  The brand is Saville Row and they are offering a whopping 70% off on their polos.  I immediately checked the price tags and then picked some long sleeve polo and asked my husband to try it on.  Since it’s a new brand for him it took some time before he decided which ones to get… plus since it’s on sale sizes are broken already.


He has a budget per polo and since it was on sale he bought 3! He was so happy and so was I of course.  When we arrived home I removed the price tags and this is what I found.




It was originally priced at Php1,000 then dropped to Php900 then to Php500.  Good thing my eyes are still clear and I was able to see this brand…well actually I noticed the 70% off signage first!  Hehe.  I believe their sale will last until end of the month?  You still have a few days to go maybe you could still steal some wonderful deals at the Fairview Terraces.  Have fun shopping!


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Max’s Special Offer

Looking for something to order for dinner we stumbled upon Max’s special deals.  So what is it about?  First is their Max’s #ChickenLove.


If you order a regular whole fried chicken it usually costs Php438.90 and a bottle of banana ketchup at Php27.50 but if you avail of their special offer it will only cost Php328.90 so its a Php137.50 savings!  However this offer is only good until Jul 15, 2015 so you better hurry if you are craving for Max chicken.

Another great offer is their I love caramel bars.  No actual savings here but this deal gives you the opportunity to try and taste their new flavors without buying a whole box.



DSC_2227 (1)


So what’s new?  They now have Mango and Langka flavored Caramel bars.  If you order 1 box of these new flavors it costs Php217.80, classic flavor costs Php165 for 18pcs.  Their special pack comes with 4 classic, 3 Mango and 3 Langka flavors.  Promo will last until the end of the month.  I tried both flavors and I would say that Langka has more flavor than the Mango.  I would’ve loved it if they added more mango bits to it.  I think Red Ribbon’s Mango bars are better.  However coming up with a Langka flavor caramel bar is not a bad idea. If you want to try these flavors I suggest you head down to the nearest Max’s restaurant or better yet have it delivered to your doorstep.  That’s what we did.  Last tip  : Pick up the phone rather than ordering online as they have a difference in minimum order.  Online via  costs Php500 while if it’s done via 79000 it’s only Php300.  No difference if you’re ordering a lot right?  I’m just saying.  Hehe.

You can check out their other promos in their website.  Have you tried any of their new products?  Do share.

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