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Starting a new leaf

I have always loved writing. I cannot say that I’m really good at it but I do it for myself.  I want to document stuff.  Places I’ve been to, food that I’ve tasted, hotels that I’ve stayed in, deals that I have scored and other things.  I used to have my diary when I was young and now this is the high tech version…although everyone gets to read it! Hehe.  I just realized that my other site has been there since September 2010…now that site is like a mirage.  Sometimes you see it sometimes you don’t. Hopefully this page will be more stable than the other one and just maybe I could add more entries to this page.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

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NYC  This is my humble space to document some of my travels, eating experiences and anything that life has to offer. I started to blog a few years back (  and just recently the site just ceased to exist!  Needless to say I have to start over again and hopefully this will be better than the last one.  So congratulations for stumbling into this site and hopefully I get to inspire you to live life and thank God for all His blessings!

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