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Hotel Memberships

Long before I became a mom I have always been on a look-out for savings.  So when I was working in the travel industry I stumbled upon hotel memberships.  My very first hotel membership was with Priority Privilege which has discount vouchers for Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and Intercontinental Hotel. I enjoyed my first membership card which obviously led me to enroll in other hotel memberships depending on the cost of the membership of course.  Hehe.  So here are some of the hotel memberships that I’ve tried and currently using.

Note : All memberships are valid for 1 year.

Let’s start off with the farthest…

Widus Hotel – W Card

Location :  Clark, Pampanga

Website :

Rate : Php7,500 (*Got mine about 3 years ago)

What I like :  Free 1 Family room and 1 Executive Room, Free cake on your birthday, swimming pool pass and 20% discount on all your hotel purchases.

I got my W Card when one of my friends suggested that we go on a road trip with our families and stay in a hotel.  They suggested Widus Hotel which was the 1st time that I’ve heard of it.  I searched on the internet and found out that room rate starts at Php7,000!  I immediately told my friend that there is no way I am spending 7k for a 1 night stay!  Hahaha.  She then told me that they have a hotel membership!  A ha!  So I called the hotel and asked about their hotel membership.  The front desk lady was kind enough to explain to me the benefits and she later on sent me an email.  Needless to say we all bought our membership because it was a great deal.  Imagine you pay Php7,500 which is already good for 2 rooms valid for 1 whole year plus you get a booklet of vouchers! Hehehe.  What’s also great is if you decide to get the membership you can avail of the free room during your 1st stay.

Update :  As of 2016 only 1 free executive room plus the usual vouchers.  Currently I am no longer enrolled to this.

Shangri-La Hotel – Club Gourmet

Location : Makati

Website :

Rate : Php8,000 (*can’t remember exactly how much as it was 4 years ago)

What I like :  Discounted room rates.  Free buffet. It was very near where I used to work.

We used up the free buffet.  We also got a special rate of Php6,000 for the room.  What I really loved was their service!  Upon check-in they immediately ask if you are celebrating any special occasion which so far in other hotels that I’ve stayed in weren’t really particular about.  They take their customer profile seriously.  We stayed there during our anniversary and when we came back to the room from dinner we found a note with a small cake and a bottle of wine courtesy of the hotel!  It was really sweet.  I guess they aren’t Shangri-La for nothing right?

Update :  I am no longer a member of this as the rates are a bit high plus I don’t really stay in Makati that often.

Dusit Hotel – Wine & Dine

Location : Makati

Website :

Rate : Php8,000

What I like :  Free room and free buffet

The agent keeps on calling me and decided that since I haven’t tried their service yet now will be a great time.  I signed up this year and when I got my pack well I was kind of disappointed.  Why?  All their vouchers have a minimum amount before I could use the voucher.   Example is the free cake which will only be given if you dine at any of their restaurants for a minimum amount of Php4,000.  Free pool access if not checked-in if you consume a minimum of Php600 at their pool restaurant.  Cash voucher provided you spend at least Php4,000 in a particular hotel and so many restricted clause.  Hahaha.  Bottomline is I only got around 4 vouchers that I could actually use!  It’s like I paid for the membership just for the free room only.  Not what I was hoping for.  So the verdict?  Not to get it in the future.

Update : We will only be availing the free room this year so will definitely update on their service.  I gave my opinion to the agent and told her that she is selling false information and will no longer get it next year.

Marco Polo Hotel – MPM Dining Privileges

Location : Ortigas

Website :

Rate : Php9,400

What I like :  Free room, free buffet, Cash vouchers, Club Hotel which you can use in other hotel chains and in other countries

This is my 2nd year with Marco Polo and what I really love about their hotel is their heated indoor pool!  Although the vouchers are all non-transferrable you can definitely get more with what you paid for. Cash vouchers amounting to Php2,500 and other freebies.  What I also like about this hotel is they have small coffee machines inside the room.  I’m not a coffee drinker but I definitely loved it.  They also have a voucher for a special rate of Php4,000 nett on your next visit.  If you are looking at future staycations and you live near Ortigas area this is a great deal as you can really maximize the usage.  Highly recommended.

Holiday Inn / Crowne Plaza Hotel – Priority Privilege

Location : Ortigas

Website :

Rate :  Php9,000

What I like :  Membership is applicable to 2 hotels already and all vouchers are transferrable!  No free rooms but with free buffet and a lot of cash vouchers.  Club Hotel card which is applicable for other hotels and in other countries.

This was my first membership card ever!  Hehe.  I got into this when we did an ocular visit for our wedding.  The lady who assisted us told us about the membership.  Membership then was just Php6000?  During our wedding we booked for 2 rooms and 2 nights and got the membership instead so we could save!  It was one good decision which we are thankful for the front desk lady.  :o)  Included in the membership before was the Intercontinental hotel and since I used to work in Makati I totally maximized my 1 year subscription because I go there after office for swimming at no additional cost!  Now that they only have 2 hotels under the membership package it still works for me because 1.)  Location location location as it has a direct link to Robinsons Galleria and other nearby malls 2.)  All the vouchers are TRANSFERRABLE!  I can totally share my vouchers to family and friends.  I totally recommend this membership if you are a hotel lover like me. Hahaha.

Update :  They now have a package with free rooms.  Also Holiday Inn Makati has a separate membership so if you live near Makati you can probably check it out.


All in all hotel memberships are really a great thing especially if you enjoy staycations or just relaxing.  Sure the price seems high but if you really intend to stay in a hotel within a year then I think this is a better way to go.  Think of it as pre-paid vacation.  Needless to say I so looove hotel memberships as long as you get what you paid for.  For more information please call the hotels using the links above.  Good luck!  How about you?  Do you have hotel memberships as well?  Do tell!


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