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Max’s Special Offer

Looking for something to order for dinner we stumbled upon Max’s special deals.  So what is it about?  First is their Max’s #ChickenLove.


If you order a regular whole fried chicken it usually costs Php438.90 and a bottle of banana ketchup at Php27.50 but if you avail of their special offer it will only cost Php328.90 so its a Php137.50 savings!  However this offer is only good until Jul 15, 2015 so you better hurry if you are craving for Max chicken.

Another great offer is their I love caramel bars.  No actual savings here but this deal gives you the opportunity to try and taste their new flavors without buying a whole box.



DSC_2227 (1)


So what’s new?  They now have Mango and Langka flavored Caramel bars.  If you order 1 box of these new flavors it costs Php217.80, classic flavor costs Php165 for 18pcs.  Their special pack comes with 4 classic, 3 Mango and 3 Langka flavors.  Promo will last until the end of the month.  I tried both flavors and I would say that Langka has more flavor than the Mango.  I would’ve loved it if they added more mango bits to it.  I think Red Ribbon’s Mango bars are better.  However coming up with a Langka flavor caramel bar is not a bad idea. If you want to try these flavors I suggest you head down to the nearest Max’s restaurant or better yet have it delivered to your doorstep.  That’s what we did.  Last tip  : Pick up the phone rather than ordering online as they have a difference in minimum order.  Online via  costs Php500 while if it’s done via 79000 it’s only Php300.  No difference if you’re ordering a lot right?  I’m just saying.  Hehe.

You can check out their other promos in their website.  Have you tried any of their new products?  Do share.

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