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Using Klook for the first time

Before leaving for our family trip to Hongkong this December I decided to read a few blogs and I stumbled upon Klook.  So what is Klook?  It’s an online site where you can find destinations and deals particular to that country/city.  For me this only means savings!  Hehehe.  You can check out

First step is of course create an account.  Then I also found out that they have a special discount rate if you use their mobile app.  What more discount?!?  So I also downloaded their mobile app.  Then I started visiting their page months before our trip trying to compare prices from different websites and other sources.  When we finished our research we ended up buying from their site.  I had to use the mobile app of course because there was an additional Php800 savings if booking was made using the app as against using the desktop.  So what did we get?

  1.  Hongkong Disneyland Tickets – We got the 2 day access pass with Hkd15 voucher Gift coupon.  The adult tickets are Php4,664 each and the child ticket for Php3,475.   We just printed a copy of the email sent by Klook at the entrance of Disneyland and that’s it.

Upon arrival I had to take a photo of the rates.  We saved a few more hundreds per ticket just by getting tickets from Klook as against buying at the gates.  #happiness


2. Octopus Card – This is a must but take note that if you have a child travelling with you you cannot get this from Klook.  It is still best to get at a child octopus ticket at the MTR station.  Aside from that you can refund whatever is left in the card.  The adult tickets are non-refundable so you have to “consume” the entire amount and you get to keep the card.  Don’t worry as you can use the octopus card even on buying food or groceries.  Minimum top-up amount per card is HKD50 per card.  Cost of octopus card is Php635.


3.  Wifi – This is definitely a must.  We wanted to make sure that we are connected to our families and to the world.  Hehehe. Rate per day was Php176.


So that’s it!  Using Klook was easy and I really love that you get these at a discount.  I highly recommend that you try them out as well.  Klook will definitely be a part of our travel must haves.  Have you tried Klook in any of your travel as well?  How did it go?

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What to buy in S&R?

2 years ago my husband signed up for S&R membership and we just went there once for the entire year!  Hahaha.  We weren’t able to maximize it because of the location, lack of time, etc etc.  Anyway early this year we found out that there will be a new store which is very near our place so we decided to sign up again.  We paid Php800 for the membership fee and got some coupons together with a Php200 gift certificate!  Not bad right?


I’ve heard and read so much about their sale but I just tried it once.  So this time we decided to visit the store on its 2nd day of opening and here’s what we got.  The first few pictures were bought using the coupons which are all buy 1 take 1.  Fuji apple Php160, Budweiser costs Php374 for 6 bottles, Hospitality corn flakes for Php300 a box, Apple pie which is the white box Php350 at the back of the round cake which is Php290 each, Choco chip loaf Php170, marshmallows Php100, muffins Php270, Pepero Php300 and Huggies wipes Php153.  Since I used the coupons I just paid for 1!

I really enjoyed the B1T1 deals using the coupons because I later on found out that coupons are normally given to first 500 sign-ups on a new store.  We signed up even before the store was built!  Hehehe.  Anyway it was great getting all these stuff by two’s!  A lady asked me while I was getting some apples is it on B1T1?  I told her that only if you have coupons which she doesn’t have.  Hehehe.

There are still some items that are on SALE / Buy 1 Take 1 which doesn’t require coupons.  These are the following :

Emoji butter cookies Php300, Hiland Icecream Pint Php200, Kellogg’s Froot Loops Php180, Pillowcase Php200, Salmon burgers Php400, Bedsheets Php2,500 and Tiffin or 2 layer lunch box Php400.

I also bought some items which I think are lower in price or not in the “usual” groceries. Del Monte Four Seasons juice packed in 3s Php177, Feather down pillows Php1000 and Taro stick 1 pack which has 4 small packs inside is Php80.

There you go.  Just like in any other grocery/supermarket some items are priced higher and some are priced lower.  You just have to know which ones you’re going to get and at which store.  For me I still go to several groceries but knowing that I have another option which is near our place is great.  Hehe.  I just looove going to groceries.  Have you been to S&R lately?  What items did you score?


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